Let’s Write a Slack Bot in Go

Read and code along to learn the Slack APIs, tools, and dev techniques while building a useful Slack app with the Go programming language and its standard library.

Go & Slack

Meet SpeedBot

We’ll call the bot you’ll be building SpeedBot. It’ll be able to run speed tests on any HTTP(s) URL, optionally share the results with your team, and deliver graphs showing historical response times.

SpeedBot Go Slack Bot using Slash Commands and Conversational Interface


Each chapter focuses on adding functionality to your bot while teaching the related skills, techniques, and tools.

  1. Introduction
  2. Interacting Through Slash Commands
  3. Using the RTM API
  4. Listening to Your Users with the Events API
  5. Responding Through the Web API
  6. Responding Through Incoming Webhooks
  7. Packaging Your Bot as a Distributable Slack App


  • Chapters: 7
  • Total word count: 17,495
  • Estimated time to read: less than 40 minutes
  • SpeedBot’s LOC: 759

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